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Skyline Digital Marketing Solutions

Engage your audience in new ways so you can build your relationship and increase sales opportunities.

Digital Marketing can enhance any marketing program. It offers alternate ways to engage your audience so you can build your relationship and increase sales opportunities. Skyline Trisource Exhibits has many solutions to fit your project and budget. We can customize these solutions to your brand, product and/or audience for use both in your exhibit and in your web sites, email blasts and sales presentations.


Until recently, touchpoint overlays required costly custom coding. Now we can quickly and easily add touchpoints throughout video, images, 360 video or 360 image that can launch content like text, images or videos to promote your products and services in great detail. This is a great solution that can reach your audience as a stand-alone piece and be incorporated in your trade show booth. This interactive format allows your customers to explore selected environments such as your facility, retail location or factory floor. When your trade shows resume, the presentations can easily be used to engage visitors within your booth.

Maps, Locations & Tours

Add Touchpoint interactivity to your maps or generate a guided digital tour with popup points of interest. This is great for locations, events or facility tours. Popup content can contain text, images, galleries, videos or links to other content. Touchpoints works with web browsers so can easily integrate with your web site and is a great format for use on touch devices.


Integrate Touchpoint popup content to static images or infographics to further educate your audience without adding excessive visual clutter.

Add interactivity to Videos and animations

Put your viewers in the driver's seat and let them decide what they want to know more about by adding clickable or touchable hot spots to videos and animations that allow the viewer to learn more about specific content. Each hot spot can be clicked or touched to reveal extra text, images, videos, and more.

Virtual Trade Show Experience

Simulate the show experience and present your products or services as if you are on the show floor.  This would include your exhibit set up at our facility or yours, video shoot of your presentation and editing.  We can also add any enhancements such as touchpoints, 3D animation or RFID. Alternatively we can also utilize a static or animated 3D rendering of your Skyline exhibit and add either a video of a presenter or simply a voice-over.

Virtual Exhibit Experience

3D Animation

Demonstrate a system or product that might be impossible to shoot as a traditional video.  Utilizing 3D animation and video allows the impossible to become real.

RFID Technology

Blanditiis aperiam illo

Get your audience engaged with a hands-on experience.

The visual overload experienced on the trade show floor is nothing less than daunting for both the exhibitor and the attendee. Incorporating RFID technology into the exhibit space is an excellent way to further capture and retain the attention of potential customers in a memorable hands-on fashion.

Check out this video to see it in action.

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