When Sparton Corp. was shopping for a new exhibit, they had a budget to abide by and a goal of lowering their I&D and material handling expenses. “We had to make sure our costs were in line and WindScape allowed us to do that," says Cassie Geske, associate marketing manager for Sparton.

Reduced Labor Hours
Skyline's WindScape® exhibit system is inflatable, which makes it very lightweight and easy to install. The set up, and take down of this 20’-by-30’ exhibit took only six man hours compared to the 16 man hours it took for Sparton's previous exhibit. "The best part was our WindScape hanging sign," added Geske.

"It was opened, inflated and installed within an hour. Quite the difference from our previous sign.”

Flexibility For Multiple Spaces, Shows Sparton also needed their exhibit to be versatile to accommodate various booth sizes and overlapping show dates. "We have the ability to go from a 20'-by-30' to a 10'-by-10' with this booth and it allows us to do multiple shows at the same time – all while allowing us to maintain the look and feel of our booth,” said Geske. Lightweight and Compact

Depending on the size of their booth space, Sparton's lightweight island exhibit fits in one or two crates, according to Geske, which she compared to their last booth that was made of heavy metal pieces. “One of the really great factors is that if we do a 10'-by-10' show, an entire WindScape unit fits into a rolling case. It makes it a lot easier to go to and from shows.”

“We’re really excited to be a part of that innovation and be a part of something that’s twenty-first century in comparison to our ‘90s truss booth," Geske concluded.

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