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Every physical environment you enter was designed by someone. It speaks to the thoughts and values of the person who designed the space, the choices they made about color and shape, what’s most important to them. It reflects how they see themselves. So, too, about your company’s image as expressed within a trade show event space, company lobby or retail area. They all say something about you, your mission, your values. Our New York trade show designers and project managers help companies identify and express those core values in all of your physical spaces.

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Exhibit / Asset Management

Skyline Genesis Exhibit Management is more than simply a warehousing service. Our exhibit managers are at your service to ensure success at you next exhibiting venue. Prior to show our exhibit manager services include: Set-up of your exhibit, incorporating any new graphics and architectural modifications, photograph and send a confirming email. Post-Show our exhibit manager services include: Inspecting the exhibit upon return, notifying you of any damaged/missing parts, re-packing in show-ready condition. Our AssetPRO Online Exhibit Management System offers you 24/7 access to your inventory and EM project status. Let Skyline Genesis manage your next exhibit event and rest assured that your exhibit management is in the hands of a trade show professional.

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Logistic Support / Showbook Preparation

Effective logistical management means not only saving money by choosing the appropriate services. Timing is key, as well. Ordering early saves money by accessing available trade show discounts. Shipping your exhibit in a timely manner can also save money. Let our experienced and knowledgeable staff complete all your show paperwork and confirm all the necessary services and accessory products you need for a successful show.

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Exhibitor Staff Training

The trade show and event floor is unlike any other sales and marketing environment your company engages in each day. To succeed, even the most experienced and knowledgeable staff needs an orientation to this unique environment. Let us work with you to craft a trade show marketing strategy designed to deliver maximum results from your next trade show. This fast-paced session will equip your staff with the behaviors and skills needed to come back with actionable leads and value-laden relationships ready for conversion from a lead to a sale!

Skyline New York Trade Show Field Support

Installation & Dismantle

The Skyline network of offices and exhibit services suppliers are ready to support you on-site at virtually every event location with trade show labor, site supervision and much more. Our dedicated New York field support staff works closely with local trade show venues and service providers to insure efficient, seamless installation and dismantle of your trade show exhibit assets.

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When do you begin trade show marketing? Proper planning starts months, not weeks or days ahead of the show itself. SkyGEM brings consultative creative services plus high-tech and “low-tech” tools to reach out to your best prospects in a meaningful way. These tools and techniques treat the lead development process as something which occurs both prior to and after the trade show. Let us partner with you to build the excitement prior to the event and then deliver results for both you and the attendee.

Trade Show Lead Management

Lead Management

Leads are “the currency” of trade shows. It costs money to develop them, but they turn into money (revenue) when handled correctly. And just like the trade show or event itself, the lifespan of a lead extends well beyond the show floor. As a part of our Staff Training service we develop a comprehensive strategy to format, track and measure the effectiveness of your lead gathering and dissemination program.

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Trade Show Booth Warehousing

For trade show clients requiring only basic storage options in between events, Skyline Genesis offers quarterly and annual storage contracts. more than basic exhibit warehousing services. These competitively priced agreements can be customized to suit your needs and can be adjusted over time to reflect the addition or removal of assets, as required. We can also dispose of your outdated graphics and hardware upon request.

New York Skyline Trade Show ROI

ROI Measurement

“You manage what you measure.” The result of employing any/all of these tools and strategies can be a quantifiable return on investment. Otherwise we’re left with a subjective interpretation of what occurred at a particular event, and without a matrix to compare results year-over-year and show-to-show. Let us partner with you and develop a plan tailored to meet the goals and objectives you’ve identified for your program, and then implement measurement practices to reveal true ROI.


The trade show designers at Skyline Genesis continually provide our clients with innovative booth design and eye-catching graphics.  From small signs to full color backwall panels, our designs will give your trade show exhibit the impact you need to stand out from the crowd.  Click the button below for more information on Skyline's graphic capabilities and printing services.


Skyline Genesis Leads New York Event Marketing

Today many companies, charities and organizations are recognizing that it is necessary to make a big splash to gain fast and vast returns with events and trade show marketing. That's why event marketing in the New York City area is growing while other promotional concepts go begging for attention. Event marketing can grab headlines and attract extraordinary attendance whether you are launching a fantastic fundraising theme, the next fabulous food trend, a product that makes baby boomers young again, a line of clothing with pop star wow, or a technology breakthrough that will have venture capitalists and Wall Street scrambling for a share of the action.

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Skyline Genesis Manhattan custom modular exhibits

Skyline Genesis Will Dazzle Your Attendees

As the New York City-based authorized dealer for Skyline Exhibits, SkyGEM provides full event marketing plans, support, products and services including unforgettable experiential exhibitry, large format graphics, complete design services, asset management, display rentals, event staff training, lead management services and marketing seminars. We are known for our innovative solutions, high quality products, great designs, and cost-saving portability if you want to take your event promotions on the road to parks, stadiums, fairgrounds, airports, racetracks, exposition halls and other venues.

Our custom modular solutions can help you build your brand while dazzling your attendees with memorable and compelling experiences, spectacular lighting and amazing special effects all working to highlight your message. Let SkyGEM transform your trade show presence, public exhibitions, professional summits and symposiums, product launch, anniversary events, sports outings and dealer meetings, into outstanding promotional events. Call 212-647-7600 or email

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