Virtual Marketing Solutions


virtual booth creation

STEP 1: Virtual Booth Creation

Create the exhibit layout. Either design a fully custom exhibit or choose from one of our many creative template options created by our award-winning design team.

virtual exhibit experience - interactive hot spot

STEP 2: Hot Spot Content

Add interactivity via hot spots such as videos, links, or live chats for your booth visitors to explore. The ideas for content can be just about anything you dream up!

digital marketing virtual event

Step 3: Your Digital Marketing Masterpiece is Created

We will combine your virtual exhibit design with your hot spot location & content to create an animated fly-through experience.


Virtual Customer Experience Webcast - Part I

In Part I of our virtual experience webcast, you will see: 

- How to get started on your virtual strategy
- The best platforms for your virtual event type & audience
- The different types of virtual meetings & events
- & more! 

Click here to watch Part I of this webcast series:

Virtual Customer Experience Webcast - Part II

In Part II of our virtual experience webcast, you will learn: 

- How to engage your target audience during your event
- Real-life examples of virtual exhibits & experiences
- How to deliver your brand message in a virtual setting
- & more! 

Click here to watch Part II of this webcast series:

Interested in a Virtual Experience of your own?

Whether you would like to learn more about webcasts, live broadcasts, virtual trade show exhibits, fully immersive virtual environments - we have you covered. 

Let's get a conversation started on how we can fulfill your digital marketing goals. Reach out here:
Phone: (646) 860-7850

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