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When you work with Skyline, you gain access to the most creative, innovative, responsive, and resourceful team in the business.  There are so many reasons to consider the Skyline advantage.

  • Pre-show support
  • At-show support
  • After-show support

Pre-Show Support

Who forgot to order the 15 amp service? Why is my display shipment delivering tomorrow? My show is today! Why don’t my lights work? Any of these at-show questions sound familiar?  The reality is that things go wrong at trade shows. The best prevention is pre-show preparation. It starts with a planning meeting, from which we generate a detailed pre-show services estimate and a timeline with key milestone activities. We sweat the details of show book orders. We save you money by ordering at the advanced show rate and selecting the best shipment carriers and delivery options. Skyline is your insurance policy and your emergency response team, who assure you of a great show experience.


At-Show Support

With the seemingly endless variables impacting the execution of your trade show or event, chaos is always a given. Our global project management and logistics teams thrive in this volatile environment. We anticipate and act to minimize the potential for problems, and we have the experience and resources to deal with any issue that may arise. With 128 design centers around the world and six strategically located Regional Service Centers, we offer a wide range of support options to corral even the most chaotic and thorny show floor problems.

After-Show Support

When’s the best time to start planning your next event? Right after the last, of course. We really like to hear how everything went. Did the demo station work as planned? Was your pre-show promotion effective? Did your new branding program have the desired effect on your visitors? We collaborate with you to apply lessons learned with a focus on continuously improving our execution. Our exhibit management team is here to catalog new display items and account for all returning display and client product assets. Our team cleans and repairs damage to your display, ensuring it is in show ready condition before returning to storage. Lastly, we save your time by reconciling all show services costs into a single, simple final invoice.

The Skyline advantage is an enduring value that helps quell the disruptive nature of trade shows. By taking the chaos out of these events, you can have the peace of mind to truly shine, when it’s show time.

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With over 100 patents, a highly coveted 2013 Outstanding Corporate Innovator Award, and numerous design awards, Skyline clearly dominates the market with astonishing designs.  We aim to create an environment with a look, mood, and tone that perfectly delivers the brand presence you seek.  Through our design discovery process, we help you evaluate how your space will be used and what type of experience you want to create. We collaborate with you to develop a design that addresses all your aesthetic, functional, and budgetary needs. Also, our complete inventory of custom modular systems allows us to rent almost any design. This provides a greater range of design options to meet your budgetary constraints.

With capabilities for graphic design, space planning, CAD design, 3D color renderings, and video animations, we accurately create the look, feel, and function of the finished exhibit, with a high level of realism. So, whether you’re looking for an eye-popping banner stand or you’re ready to create a massive new island exhibit, we’re here for you.

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Project Management

‘A rubics cube of rubics cubes’ is how one client described the complexities our team is challenged with regularly. International freight documentation, venue rigging regulations, union labor rules, venue height restrictions, elevator size limitation, material safety data sheets submissions, engineering stamped designs, UL compliance certifications, and many other issues are just part of an average day for our Skyline Project Management team.
We help manage your trade show programs by offering services like pre-show exhibit mock-ups, shipment logistics coordination, booth installation and dismantle management, client product assembly and placement, on-site supervision, and show-book management. You can show up when the show opens and leave when it closes. We do what we do well, so you can do what you do best.

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Exhibit Management

So say you’d like to know why the 10’ pop-up booth you needed in Cleveland for a Saturday show, was still on its way back from Los Angeles on Saturday morning.  Skyline’s Exhibit Management program prevents overlapping or dual booking of shows by creating display reservations.  It’s available online to access anywhere, anytime.  Or, you can simply contact your local Exhibit Consultant to help you plan your show season.  We catalog, repair, clean, and track all of your display and product assets to and from your shows or events.  We do this with the goal of ensuring your best chance of success at your next show.

How can we help you?

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With all the services and products Skyline has to offer we are able to accommodate the needs of any size business.

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