Attract attention with big bright graphics that stand out from all the rest! Towers, tables and hanging units feature large fabric graphics and can be backlit to give your message and branding a powerful presence.

Larger Than Life

Towers create impressive spaces and experiences that are larger than life. Grab their attention from afar and draw them into your space.

Backlit For Attention

Light creates instant allure. Our towers are perfectly backlit to ensure that they look as great from up close as they look from afar.

Large Hanging Structures

Skyline’s modular systems are lightweight so you can easily hang larger backlit structures for a big presence.

Technology In Towers

Skyline towers are designed to seamlessly accommodate ever-growing technology for a better brand presentation and an engaging experience.

Peforma® Display fabric

Skyline backlit towers and hanging structures use its proprietary Performa® Display Fabric specifically designed for intense and uniform color between floor and space.

Custom Rental Exhibits

Don’t settle for an ordinary show contractor rental. Impress attendees with a custom Skyline rental that perfectly fits your brand and show objectives.

“We were shining. People came up to say our booth was the most beautiful at the show.”

Melanie Lachance
Marketing and Operations Director, G.E. Leblanc Inc.

“The exhibit was awesome – a huge success. It definitely caught people’s eye.”

Bryan Richert
Events Manager, ATK Sporting

“The booth was a huge hit. The display tables were perfect. The meeting space was perfect. Everything was ideal for the space.”

Becky Kramer
Marketing Communications, Milliken & Company

Tower Images and Ideas

Exhibiting With Flair

For a major triennial show, the chemical division of Milliken & Company is sold on custom rental exhibits. “We struggled with buying exhibits when the show...”

WindScape Inflatable Towers

WindScape is the world’s first air-powered exhibit system. Towers up to 16’ (4.9m) tall install in minutes, are easy to reposition and pack ultra small.


From portable displays to massive custom modular island exhibits, see photos and concepts of exhibits that Skyline designed for a wide variety of exhibiting objectives.

Pinky Swear Foundation

"We really didn't know what we wanted ... we didn't know what we needed ... and we were able to come to Skyline with a pie-in-the-sky big idea, and they really took it from there and made something that we couldn't have even had imagined."

Jenny Peters
Director of Marketing
Pinky Swear Foundation

Get Inspired!

Thank you for your interest in Skyline Exhibits. Working with brands of all sizes, we create award-winning tradeshow experiences through modular structures, high-impact graphics, custom fabrication and comprehensive services.

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