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Showcase your products with style and ease! Skyline modular systems and accessories are flexible to fit changing needs.

merchandising - big branding

Big Branding

Frame your products with brand. As much as the product itself, buyers are buying into you – who you are, what you stand for, the trust you provide and the value you offer. Promote products with graphics that proudly represent your brand.

merchandising - secure, stylish & flexible

Secure, Stylish & Flexible

The manner in which products are displayed can enhance their appearance. Skyline exhibits are designed to proudly showcase products with elegant shelving, secure showcases, lighting and more. Most accessories are repositionable.

merchandising - all types of products

All Types of Products

Showcasing products, whatever they are, can be important to the success of your show. Design your exhibit to highlight products AND make it easy for staffers to engage, demo and sell.

merchandising - accent with lighting

Accent With Lighting

Lighting warms an exhibit and can bring greater attention to products. There are various lighting systems available and the right one largely depends on the nature of your products. Design with lighting in mind.

merchandising - multiple applications

Multiple Applications

More than trade shows, Skyline exhibits are great for many product display settings like sales and dealer meetings, special events and more.

merchandising - rental may be an option

Rental May Be An Option

Depending on your show plans, renting an exhibit may be a flexible option. There’s no compromise in look or product showcasing ability, but you have opportunity to change designs, size or needs per specific show.

“We reached more people and were able to service prospects better with one-on-one conversations. Showing our products attracted more attention to those specific products.”

Steve Sherman, Customer Marketing West
Manager, Solo Cup
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“We have extremely high-quality products, and Skyline created a booth with in-your-face quality.”

Carter, Monster Daddy
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“We’re blowing away the competition… as far as displays go. They’re a huge success. They look sharp.”

Jason Donaldson, Kingman Group
Event Manager
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merchandising pictureglow display system exhibits

PictureGlow™ Display System

The PictureGlow™ display system is a cost effective, streamlined and durable option for your inline exhibits. This product can also be added on to island designs as an additional pop of brightness.

merchandising - Envoy® exhibit system

Envoy® Exhibit System

Designed for style and purpose. Easy to install lightweight structure can accommodate shelving and lighting to highlighting both your products and branding.

skyrise exhibit system backlit displays


Flexible wall system with fabric, rigid, frosted and backlit panels that can be configured together to create unique custom modular exhibits.

merchandising - Inliten® exhibit system

Inliten® Exhibit System

Structural modular components are streamlined to let your products and message stand out.

tradewinds displays system immerse amplify merchandising

TradeWinds® Exhibit Systems

TradeWinds® Exhibit Systems are designed for entry level users who prioritize value. TradeWinds allows you to merchandise with style (Amplify™) or backlight and accessorize your exhibit (Immerse™).

merchandising - Skyline Rental Catalog

Skyline Rental Catalog

With Skyline's modular systems, you can rent any and every design. Our Rental Catalog shows a few standard packages.

Request a Skyline Modular Inline Exhibits brochure!

Request a Modular Inline Exhibits brochure!

Skyline has a variety of exhibit systems that are compatible to create nearly any look -- and meet any function -- imaginable. Skyline exhibit systems are structural to support AV equipment and product.

After you request an electronic version of this brochure, you will have the option to also request a hard copy version as well. Please check your email after you submit your request for a link to this form.

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