Table Throws

Solid color and custom graphic Throws for tabletop displays.

Fully Printed Graphic Throw

Fully printed table throws offer full branding opportunities throughout the entire area of the table throw as well as better color matching. Made from poly knit.

Graphic Runner

Custom graphics printed onto a fabric runner. Place runners on a solid color throw for best brand presentation. Because it is a separate piece, it is easy to update and change instead of replacing your entire throw.

Solid Color Table Throw

Single color fabric throws work perfect with Skyline Graphic Runner and are available in many colors. Made from durable polyester twill.

Skyline Table Throw Features

Skyline throws are available in 6' and 8' lengths, reach the floor on all four sides, are wrinkle resistant and machine washable.

Solid Throw Fabric Colors

Choose from 36 colors to fit your brand.

Get Inspired!

Thank you for your interest in Skyline Exhibits. Working with brands of all sizes, we create award-winning tradeshow experiences through modular structures, high-impact graphics, custom fabrication and comprehensive services.

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