Skyline Tube System Product Details

Skyline offers three styles of Tube exhibit hardware

A powder-coated steel tube that is very structural and sturdy; an aluminum version that has slots for integration and accessory use; and a lighter-weight anodized aluminum version meant to be used for 10’ inline exhibits and smaller island exhibits, with the same size slot for accessories.

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Skyline Tube System

Tube System is a powder-coated steel tube that is very structural and sturdy. It is available in Tube lengths from 5 3/4" to 92" as well as 3 different radius curved tubes.

Tube System hub assemblies include the 1, 2, 3, 4, 90ª, 120º, and 135º configurations.

The Tube System Collar is one of the most versatile components in the system. It is basically a solid, one-inch thick, two-piece, hinged ring. The collar allows you to attach a variety of accessories such as monitors, plasma screen, literature holders, and counters. Because the collar can be attached at almost any point on a horizontal or vertical tube, the options for positioning your accessories are almost unlimited.

Skyline Slotted Tube

Slotted Tube System is an aluminum extrusion with 4 slots and is lighter in weight to a comparable size of Steel Tube. The slots in the tube provide for accessories to attach cleanly and because the slots run the length of the tube they can also be used for wire management. Electrical cords tuck quickly and cleanly into the slot and are covered by long slim plastic covers, thus providing a clean finished look. 

The 4-way Slotted Tube is available in round, square and rectangular profiles in sections from 5.75” to 92” long. The slotted Tubes completely integrate with the steel Tube and hub components.

Skyline TubeUltra®

Tube Ultra is made of aluminum and finished with a textured silver powder coat. The tube slot size is the same as for Slotted Tube, but the tube diameter is smaller – 2.5”.  The product is lightweight and economical, and is appropriate for configurations with fewer spanning and structural demands than large island exhibits.

There are three profiles available – square and round and rectangular that are available in lengths from 5.75” to 92”

All tubes have 4 slots, equal in size to Slotted Tube, so current accessories are compatible.

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