Virtual Client Case Study: Tenant Property Protection

Client Case Study

Tenant Property Protection (TPP)

Skyline Greater LA worked with Tenant Property Protection (TPP) to create a 10x20 virtual exhibit that featured six custom-designed hot spots that each look like part of their brand's shield logo and a Live Chat option. During the dates of their LIVE virtual show, they also had a simultaneous Zoom call, with an agenda (that included partners) to further the face-to-face interaction.

They promoted their online show using social media, direct email and branded Zoom meeting invites. The meeting invites included the link to “tour” their virtual exhibit and info about entering their contest for a $50 prize based on if you extended the invite.

Since their videos were hosted on YouTube, they received analytics from YouTube and from the Skyline virtual exhibit. They had 143 zoom registrations and 146 Facebook registrations. 143 of their attendees engaged with the zoom meeting and the average engagement was 72 minutes per attendee! There were also 117 downloaded views of their trusted partner page videos. Talk about a successful virtual experience!

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