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Skyline Greater Toronto Area has the products, services and solutions for your trade show program. It doesn’t end there, of course. Considering a special event? Need to improve your corporate environment, or even a refresh of your corporate space? We can help.

Skyline treats each and every project as unique. We have a vast array of hardware and graphic solutions to meet your budget, and specific needs. We can help with projects within the GTA, Ontario, Canada, or anywhere in the world. Skyline’s dealer network creates a seamless experience, globally. Give us a try!

Skyline works primarily with custom modular solutions. What does that mean? We succeed in reducing the cost of owning an exhibit. Our displays are lighter, pack into a smaller footprint, cost less to ship, and take less time to install. Our certified Skyline service teams, found in most countries around the globe, are at your service to take the worry out of setting up and taking down your display. Pound for pound, Skyline is the smart choice for low cost total ownership over the long term. Give us a call, or send us a message. Check us out on our social media sites. You will find us only too happy to showcase our capabilities! 

custom island exhibits


Custom modular exhibits by Skyline have redefined the exhibiting experience. How? Traditional custom displays required huge crates, costly freight charges, and a large investment for setting up, storage, and drayage. By combining Skyline’s impressive array of hardware solutions, you can drastically reduce the cost of exhibiting. Your Skyline team, located in Toronto, Canada, can work with you to meet your unique needs and communicate your message. Skyline can think Big while keeping the total cost remarkably low.

modular inline exhibits


Skyline Greater Toronto Area offers a solution to suit your budget, and, most importantly your needs.  Everything you require is found within our company to design an inline exhibit that helps you look like a leader in 10 foot, 20 foot, and 30 foot booth spaces. Feel free to browse our website for design ideas, or call on our dedicated team of expert designers, consultants, and service personnel, who will guide you through the process from needs analysis right to installation at your show. Whether you are exhibiting in Canada, the U.S.A., or globally, Skyline is at your service.

portable displays


Skyline Greater Toronto Area offers a wide range of light- weight portable display systems to suit your needs. Most importantly, we focus on the graphic design for your table top, 8’ or 10’ space.  Our team is dedicated keep your message clear, focused and on target. Have your own design service or in-house capability? We can work directly with your team. The amazing new Windscape system packs a 10’ display into a single, carry on suitcase! Please browse our site for more info, or, better yet, please contact one of our Skyline Greater Toronto Area Exhibit Consultants.  

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