Exhibit Asset Management

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Odds are doing the paperwork, double-checking minute details and assembling trade show booths is not what makes you excited about coming to work every day. 

Our Exhibit Asset Management Program takes all those productivity-killing chores off your plate and gives them to people who do get excited about such things. Those people do exist, and they happen to work here.

Helping the World Trade

Pre and Post Show Inspections

Nothing creates stress and frantic phone calls like discovering pieces are missing during setup. We take a full inventory and set up all booth components before and after the show to make sure you have no surprises on site.

Once the event is over, we'll take just as much care in taking down your exhibit and packaging it for shipment.

Quality Assurance

Every new Skyline product is inspected by our experts to make sure it meets our high quality requirements before it’s ultimately delivered to you.

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Installation and Dismantle Services

The skill and reliability of your labor force is critical to the best possible presentation. Who you use for labor is always your choice, not the event manager’s. No matter where in the world your show is, we can find the right people through the Skyline dealer network or trusted third-party vendors.

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Temperature changes, dust, direct sun, humidity, being stored in a “junk closet” or under cases of paper and office supplies, etc. all reduce the lifespan of your materials. Our secure, climate-controlled storage options keep your exhibits safe and looking great.

Helping the World Trade

Show Supervision

We’re your advance team, making sure everything is set up properly and ready to go when you arrive on site.

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Online Inventory Management

Think of it as computer-aided juggling. This comprehensive, online inventory tool makes it simple to manage all the many intricacies created when multiple groups in multiple locations make use of a fixed inventory of exhibit materials.



We inspect, repair and replace display elements, as needed, to keep everything looking great.

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Shipping Coordination

There are usually a dozen ways to get things from point A to point B, so how do you decide what’s best? We’ll find the most cost-effective method to get everything shipped to and from your show — and any point in between, if necessary.

Helping the World Trade

Show Book Service

Who likes paperwork? We do. Let us complete all necessary forms required by show organizers to arrange for your show services.

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