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Renting can be a more cost-effective option to buying or expanding an exhibit. We’ll help you determine when renting is best and connect you with high-quality inventory.

Skyline's exhibit rental program gives you the opportunity to enhance or expand your current exhibit for particular events by renting a few additional components, or you can rent an entire display. This is a beneficial option if you don't exhibit enough to merit purchasing your own display, want to avoid the cost and hassle of storing a display, or if you have overlapping event dates and your main exhibit can't be in two places at once!  

Plus, you can avoid cross-country shipping costs by renting from the vast local inventory stored at the Skyline Service Centers.


     Businesses that utilize the same exhibit for many different shows, across departments, or who change their look often may find it difficult to settle on one design that works for everything.  Our rental components allow for a multitude of design options, so you won’t be limited to something that will get lost in the crowd.

Envoy Rental Exhibit
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