Skyline Displays of Houston hosts a series of training sessions and seminar events at our Houston showroom every year. If you have questions about trade show marketing or how to have a more successful presentation, Skyline’s lunch and learn events have the answers. Register for one of our upcoming events and learn how digital integration can enhance your next exhibit as well as how to better engage your audience using the latest in-booth techniques. Our seminars also cover subjects like booth design, booth staffing, pre, during and post show promotions, and general tips to make your trade show a hit.

More Leads, More Sales

Have you been using the same trade show exhibit for the last few years? Is it still having the same impact it had that first year or are people barely giving it a glance? Even if your exhibit is still in great condition, it may not be capturing the same level of attention. Not only can our seminars help you brainstorm new ideas to progress your brand but we can also help you explore opportunities to avoid expenses. With just a few seminars, you can find out how to boost your team’s performance at the next show.

Marketing and Training

There are generally four things that make trade show marketing effective: time, innovation, money and training. At Skyline Displays of Houston, we are committed to providing the tools you need to make the most of these four aspects so that you can achieve your trade show goals. Our educational tools include planning guides, blogs, white papers and even monthly newsletters that will keep you up to date on the latest trade show innovations. Whether you prefer to attend a webinar in the comfort of your own office or a seminar at our Houston showroom, you will come away more prepared to make a lasting impression at your next trade show event.

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