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Central Florida is one of the top venue areas for trade shows and events in the country. To accommodate the high traffic trade show business in the area, the Skyline Exhibits Orlando Service Center offers a full range of trade show services including: exhibit design, project management, install and dismantle, exhibit rental options, trade show education, inventory, storage and shipping. Watch this video and see below to learn more about our world class services.

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Exhibit Design

Helping you find the best way to portray your expertise in your industry through your exhibit is important to us. That's why we'll work with you to create a booth design that illustrates what makes your company unique. After listening to your goals for your trade show marketing, we'll help you turn them into a reality by strategically implementing different elements in your booth. From flooring to lighting and everything in between, we'll ensure that your booth is able to draw people in with just one look. 

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Project Management

Trade shows are truly a mix of many puzzle pieces. With a long list of things to complete such as paperwork, shipping details, display install and dismantle, booth staffing, creating an exhibit design that stands out, social media promotions (and the list goes on), put your trust in a team with experience to give you peace of mind, keep you on track and on budget. We've seen it all, so we have no doubt that we have the answers you're seeking to make your trade show experience a success. 

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Install and Dismantle

Avoid the stress of having to set up your own booth and having something go wrong or hiring a team that isn't familiar with specific products, leading to damage. Avoid wasting your energy on showing up early to make sure that everything is as it should be and then spending an entire day on the floor in your booth, as if staffing a booth isn't exhausting enough. Use our friendly team of technicians who are familiar with Skyline parts and are ready to install and dismantle your trade show exhibit without worry. 

Exhibit Rentals

Reduce costs and gain flexibility by renting your trade show display. Renting will save you money on owner fees like storage and maintenance, giving you the option to put more money into your booth display, invest it in more interactive booth elements like giveaways or save it all together. Renting is much more cost-effective if you only attend one or two shows a year since renting normally costs around three to four times less than purchasing. You can also avoid pricey cross-country shipping by renting from our local inventory warehouses.


Trade Show Education

Even if you haven't worked with us before, we offer free webinars each month to help educate you on a range of trade show topics. Our experts give their insights on effective booth designs, staffing a booth the right way, promotions, social media for before, during and after a trade show, tips on making a booth more interactive and the list goes on. Along with Skyline's free webinars comes e-books, our blog with many additional tips and white papers all packed with great information to get you up to speed on how to be successful at your next trade show. 

Inventory, Storage & Shipping

With Skyline's asset management program, your exhibit will be inventoried and inspected before each show. No showing up to your show and finding out that pieces are damaged or missing. Our storage facilities are in all major trade show cities and ensure a climate controlled, safe place for your exhibit. We can also coordinate the logistics of your display, keeping an eye on it to ensure that it get's where it needs to be on time. 

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