Inline Exhibits

A small footprint doesn't have to mean a small impact. See how Skyline has created some big impacts in limited spaces.

UPMC Technology Development Center

UPMC Technology Development Center

Exhibit Sizes: 10x20 / 10x10

Versatex Signboard 10x10

Versatex Signboard

Exhibit Size: 10x10

Ci MedTech 10x20

Ci Medical Technology

Exhibit Size: 10x20

Small Island Exhibits

While not much bigger than your average two-car garage, small islands dominate the show floor. Small enough to be affordable, yet big enough to give you room to work, so how Skyline has helped clients thrive in these very competetive spaces.


Excel 4 Apps

Exhibit Size: 20x20

DNP - 2018

DNP - 2018

Exhibit Size: 20x30

Your exhibit could be here!

Like what you see? Then contact us, and see how Skyline Pittsbugh can make your next exhibit a success.

Large Island Exhibits

Whether you're a major player in your industry, you've outgrown your current exhibit, or you just need space for large machinery, there's no denying that large islands make a large impact. See how we've utilized large footprint to help create exhibts that are not jus places to do business, but a whole experiance for clients and their customers.

MSA / FDIC 2018

MSA / FDIC 2018

Exhibit Size: 150x50

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Non Trade Show Projects

Did you know that Skyline Pittsburgh does more than just trade show exhibits? From special events, to lobby redesigns, and permenent installations to storefronts, we've done a little of everything. See how our team has tackled other environments outside of the show floor.

Comprehensive Logistics

Comprehensive Logistics

Project Scope: Lobby and Product Display Design

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