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When you work with Skyline Dynovia, you’re connected to the most creative, talented exhibit designers and structural engineers in the trade show industry. Our team continuously amazes clients by translating intangibles like mood, vibe and aura into trade show booths that visually communicate exactly what they imagined—within their budgets. We know that creativity and aesthetics help you stand out from the competition and deliver exactly the right messages to your audiences—driving traffic and creating high return on investment.

Skyline Exhibits Dynovia project management


For many people, the prospect of working at the trade show isn’t so bad, it’s everything before and after the event that triggers the migraines and ulcers. Skyline Dynovia has a cure for that—project management. Our people have all the skills and experience to handle all the details including paperwork, shipping coordination, on-site labor negotiations, trade show booth installation and exhibit previewing, securing exhibit supplies and staff, on-site show supervision and dismantling services.

Skyline Dynovia exhibit management program


Our Exhibit Management Program is a comprehensive array of services that can take all productivity-killing chores associated with attending a trade show off your plate and give them to the industry experts. This goes well beyond Project Management tasks and includes climate-controlled storage, refurbishments, quality assurance inspections, on-site supervision and online exhibit inventory management tools.

Skyline Dynovia booth staff training


Whether you need a hostess who speaks French, blackjack dealers, henna tattoo artists, models or anything else, Skyline Dynovia can find the perfect people to create the desired experience for your guests. Not only can we find the right people, using our breadth of exhibiting experience, we can train your colleagues and temporary staff on the ins and outs of successful trade show booth operations. It’s a best-practices approach to creating a united team that drives the overall success of the trade show.

Skyline Dynovia return on investment


Total cost of ownership for exhibits and trade show booths goes far beyond the cost of the structure. That’s just a starting point, to which you can add associated costs like storage, shipping, labor to install and dismantle, and expected lifespan of the exhibit. Rather than knock out a low-cost exhibit and call ourselves the “value leader,” Skyline considers all these cost-of-ownership factors when creating exhibits for our customers. Low cost of ownership and high revenue generation—that’s how Skyline delivers unsurpassed return on investment.

Skyline Dynovia support network


Founded in 1987, Skyline Dynovia is the largest, most experienced trade show and event display company in Iowa and Nebraska. Our local, professional staff and trusted third-party vendors can handle your every trade show need. But our trade show services don’t stop at the borders, nor are they limited to our regional trade area. Skyline Dynovia is a part of the ever-growing Skyline Support Network of over 145 dealers in 45 countries, all connected together and pledged to assist Skyline customers worldwide.

“Skyline has an excellent staff who took the time to get to know us as a company and designed a beautiful booth that really represents our brand.”

Marketing and Business Specialist
Availon Inc.

“Vermeer Corporation has worked with Skyline for many years. Being fairly new in my role as Trade Show Specialist has prompted me to ask several questions and the Skyline team is extremely responsive and overly accommodating to our organization’s needs. From general trade show questions to new booth design expertise, I can always count on my friends at Skyline.”

Trade Show Specialist
Vermeer Corporation

“Once again the fantastic crew at Skyline bailed me out. All I did was stop in for a little advice on shipping display cases back to Canada and Shaun and the boys took my problems right off my hands. Thanks for having a great team, I will find a way to make it up to you guys.”

Business Development Manager

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