Exhibit Design Process

Designing a new exhibit is both exciting and complex. We break it down into six steps to make the process smooth and predictable.


Discovery is where you will have a chance to give some more detailed information about your project, and we will ask some probing questions to reveal your pain points in exhibiting, and how we can best help you resolve those issues. We may also request some examples of prior exhibits to get a feel of where you are coming from and where we can take you further. 


After discovery, our team reviews the information gathered and then unleashes our exhibit designers on the project.  The designer will spend time researching your company, reviewing their notes from discovery, and will come up with 1-2 concepts to present to you. Typically the design process takes about 2-4 weeks depending on existing workload and timeframe allowed.


Once your design concept is read, we will reach out to you again to have a virtual meeting where the designer will give you a recap of important take aways from discovery, and walk you through the exhibit concept, and answer any questions you might have.   We will also go over the ball park pricing to give you an idea of cost, and provide you with a project timeline that we will use to guide the project to completion.


We will make revisions based on your feedback.  Once we have a final design, the project team will detail the concept for our project managers to officially price out.  You will receive a final quote that will include the cost of the exhibit, freight, and installation & dismantle for the first event, and other requested items like flooring, rental furniture, and graphic design.


Once the project has been accepted and signed off on, an official production CAD will be made of the exhibit along with a graphic map that will have all the dimensions and information needed for designing the graphics of the booth. We will provide you with templates for your graphic designer to use in creating the final art files for printing.  Once the graphics are designed, our team of designers will review the files to make sure there are no errors and prepare the art files for printing.  You can also have our team of designers handle all the graphic design work to help ensure your brand's messaging will be optimized for a tradeshow environment.   Production generally takes about 4-6 weeks.


Once production is complete, your exhibit will be staged on our set up floor.  We stage all the components for the exhibits to ensure fit and finish.  We send you pictures of everything for your review, and at this time we make any last minute adjustments that are needed.   You can also arrange to have any monitors or product demos shipped up to the production facility to be staged with the exhibit, and you can also coordinate with your Skyline rep to view the exhibit staging in person and receive a tour of the production facility. The exhibit is then broken down and packed up into its appropriate cases and crates and shipped!

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