Trade Show Marketing Case Studies

Get inspired! Skyline-Holt Exhibits + Events has helped design many trade show displays for clients in the Carolinas. See some of our best here in our portfolio.

Branding through Structure

Booth Size: 10x20 Inline and 20x20 Island

Alacrity struggled to connect with their audience since their exhibits were not engaging with heavy text and lack of branding. Building upon Lowe’s mission statement of “love where you live,” Alacrity desired an exhibit that defined their mission of “love where you live again.” Skyline-Holt built a modular exhibit that would work both in a 20x20, as well as a 10x20. The environment was staged as transferring from outdoors to indoors as you make your way to the back of the exhibit. There, a lounge/meeting area was set facing the digital fire and tv monitor that played natural disaster videos and how Charlotte-based Alacrity could help. The brick tower held an interactive touch screen that enabled attendees to interact with the exhibit.

Charlotte Trade Show Booth

Alacrity Service

Alacrity Services booth designed by Skyline Holt.

Redefining Meeting Space

Booth Size: 40x40 Island Rental

Divers Alert Network, also known as DAN, has substantial archives of high-quality underwater photography, so a decision was made early on to capitalize on that to create stunning graphics to set the mood in their exhibit. From there, ample space was allotted for small educational sessions by using an “arcade”-style floor plan. This floor plan's exterior was framed by graphics without blocking off the exhibit. The educational sessions allowed the attendees and staffers to comfortably interact at any of the bar-height tables with accessible storage. Durham-based DAN’s trademark red color and “Diver Down” flag were featured on the 20’x20’ hanging sign, allowing the exhibit to be readily seen from anywhere in the hall. Product display and information plaques were positioned directly below the hanging sign. The front of the exhibit was defined by a reception counter and positioned towards the assumed flow of traffic. The back of the exhibit hosted a large photo wall and an ample storage unit.  

Durham Trade Show Booth
Winston Salem Trade Show Exhibit

Product Display and Lowering the Cost of Freight

Booth Size: 40x60 Island

Skyline-Holt design and built an open floor plan for the booth allowing for a clean and free-flowing environment. Products were able to be displayed on shelving, podiums, and peg boards in a non-competitive manner. Graphics were left relatively neutral to keep a cohesive feel. The double deck, towards the back of the exhibit, houses a semi-private conference space that overlooks the booth and show hall. Below, ample storage space was provided to keep WestRock’s booth clean and organized. Given that some of the products had such a large footprint, Skyline-Holt encouraged a large rigged video wall that could portray these items. This saved on the cost of freight as well as increase booth attention with motion graphics. Paired with large angled overhead fabric structures and a large hanging monitor, the exhibit was noticed from anywhere on the show floor.

Captivating through Motion

Booth Size: 10x30 Inline

Motus needed a 10x30 exhibit that allowed them to rent as much as possible. They desired a clean and high tech feel with the ability to demo their product. Skyline-Holt delivered a back wall that rear projected flowing water, emulating the water vortex feature of their product. To allow for further motion, Skyline-Holt added two monitors to the back wall showing product videos. The client was very pleased with the amount of light presented in the booth and the footprint that allowed for product demonstrations.

Fort Lauderdale Trade Show Exhibit
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