Skyline TradeTec Chicago warehouse

When the show’s over, Skyline TradeTec is still hard at work taking care of your assets, tracking shipments and preparing for your next event.

Skyline TradeTec Chicago installation

Before your event, we assemble your trade show exhibit in our pre-staging area to make sure all components are on point and ready to be shipped.


Our mission is to provide stress-free trade show programs for our clients that protects their marketing budget and provides peace of mind. Skyline TradeTec offers a variety of services to ensure you and your team are getting the most out of your trade show investment. From show services and asset care to our traveling ambassador program, we've got you covered. 

No Post Show Billing

Skyline TradeTec’s promise of No Post Show Billing is unmatched in the trade show industry. Our clients have peace of mind in knowing we won’t shock them with added charges after their event. We guarantee that your estimate is your invoice. Period. We honor our estimates so our clients can maintain their budget appropriately and reallocate dollars toward other marketing or trade show expenses. We feel that we are experts in this business and it’s our job to anticipate and plan on behalf of our clients. This philosophy is not a promotion or a sale. We believe it’s just the right thing to do.

Skyline TradeTec Allstate at CES


Our award-winning designers are specifically trained in exhibit design and create amazing exhibits while effectively addressing aesthetic look and feel, functionality, and cost. We maximize your investment and use visual langauge to communicate your brand through architecture, color, texture, and light. They design within reason, within budget, and without reservations. 

Skyline TradeTec Ambassador Program


The Ambassador program adds an extra level of service to your project. Simply put, our Ambassadors are your onsite advocate traveling to each show for set-up and dismantle. They handle every detail with efficency and accuracy to ensure you have the best exhibiting experience. Your Skyline TradeTec Ambassador is onsite before everyone and works actively to reduce errors and make sure your booth is gleaming and show ready. 

Skyline TradeTec Asset Care


At Skyline TradeTec there is no before or after the show. We store and maintain your exhibit while helping you manage your event schedule year-round. From storage to staging, we can keep you organized and on schedule for every project. 

Skyline TradeTec show services


Whether you call it show services, show book fulfillment or something else, the bottom line is it's the most crucial part of executing your presence successfully on the show floor. We often see companies try to manage show services on their own and end up with various surcharges due to missed deadlines. From drayage and electrical to furniture rental, we can do it all. 

Skyline TradeTec international exhibiting service


We understand the rules and regulations of different exhibition halls, messes, convention centers, and hotels around the world. Our expertise in exhibiting from country-to-country will reduce stress and cost for your trade show program.

Skyline TradeTec Chicago variety of trade show booth options


Skyline TradeTec works with companies at all budget and activity levels. Whether you are looking to rent or purchase an exhibit or display, we will work with you to create a plan that stays within your budget. Depending on your show schedule and locations, there are many options that can keep your costs down and allow you to get the most out of your investment. 

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